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Surviving winter post lockdown

Our lives are slowly reverting back to how they were BC (before Covid). We’re dusting off our work clothes, setting alarms again and embracing normality again. But winter has officially started, and whilst we’re loving seeing our friends and family again, it can also be demotivating to see grey clouds and rain daily and have to drive home in the dark - especially when you don’t have that week in Fiji to look forward to yet! 

The lockdown exercise programme that was put in place a couple of months ago might be a fading memory as well because well, life. And of course winter means more eating! So how do you keep yourself feeling energised and healthy at work as we head into the depths of winter?

Here’s our top tips:

Meal Prepping

Yes, this was meant to be only for the super-organised amongst us, but having some healthy hot food ready to go means you’re less likely to head to the nearest takeaway shop because you’re hangry and running out of options. Make a soup or casserole on the weekend to have during the week, or make a big dinner and keep some leftovers for the next day - it will make your work day so much easier and filled with healthier choices. Or, just have some snacks on hand like fruit or nuts.

food preparation for the working week

Create a healthy desk set up

We sit down way too much. And in winter with the heater going and blanket over us we sit for even longer! Invest in a sit-to-stand desk that allows you to modify how you work and spend less time in a sedentary position. Check out our range of height adjustable desks. We also have a range of deskalators which you can pop on top of your desk to help adjust the height of your workstation. And with all this standing up, use a Wobble Board to engage your stabilising muscles, improve posture, focus and overall productivity! It will make you feel like you’re exercising by just standing on it.

woman on deskalator

Keep working out regularly

This one is hard, we’re not going to lie! But even maintaining some form of regular exercise 3 times a week will help keep you feeling less sluggish. Everyone knows the benefits of exercising; your mood is lifted, you lose weight, you get stronger and look better. What’s not to like?! It will also make the eventual transition into summer clothes so much easier. Invest in some warm exercise gear that makes it simpler to head out for that walk or run - the fresh air will also help clear your head and relax your muscles.

man running on the beach in winter

Cheer up your workspace

Making your workspace an inviting and comfortable place to spend time will encourage you to want to work (yes, really!). Create calmness and inspiration with art, colour and personal items. Investing in good lighting will avoid hunching and eyestrain, and will make your workspace more more uplifting in general. And make sure you regularly tidy up documents and clutter which will keep you organised and focused.

cheerful workplace setup

If you need any advice on designing a space that you’ll love to work in, get in touch! Or browse some of our ergonomic items to ensure your office set up keeps your body working in optimal condition!