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Home office trends

If your business is limited when it comes to space, it’s easy for things to pile up and kill your motivation. You want your space to be professional, but it's still part of your home so needs to complement your other rooms. Here are some ways to breathe life into your small office space to make it feel more inviting and cosy, whilst still allowing you to do your best work!

Soft seating

One of the key trends for offices is to bring comfort into the workplace, and given how much time we spend there it makes sense, right? Utilise chairs that aren’t traditional but give you the feeling of being at home in a personalised space. And, when you’re not working or if you have guests, move the chair to your living room. Our Aria Visitor Chair comes in lots of colour variations to suit your personal style.

Organisation - Storage

Put away all that clutter and keep your office space organised. A clean and clutter-free space not only looks better, but it also aids productivity and clear thinking. As your business grows it’s easy for paperwork to pile up. Our office storage tambours are a great way to put all your items out of sight so you can focus on your work and locate items easily when you need them.


It's known that plants can boost productivity. Studies show that plants in offices can make people feel happier, increase concentration and improve air quality. Plus they make a space look so much better. Choose plants to instantly bring some colour and nature into your workspace. Our planter boxes sit on top of our storage tambours, while our planter walls are a great option for adding that unique touch of green to your office space.


Colours can have a huge impact on how you feel and your moods, so invest in pieces that inspire and uplift. Blue can reduce stress and lower blood pressure, green can help reduce anxiety. Yellows can be great to invoke warmth and happiness and reds can be used as an accent colour to add drama and excitement. Usually one or two key pieces are enough to add the mood you are going for.

Compact Desks and Tables

You only have a certain amount of space, especially if you work from home or within a small office space. Plus with all the digital advances for file storage you don’t actually need a big desk for files and clutter. Save space in your office for other things by choosing a compact desk that looks great and encourages some forced tidiness!

If you often have clients visit and need somewhere to sit, but don’t have a lot of space for large meeting tables, our cafe tables could be the perfect solution.