man and woman working at standing desks

For many full-time workers throughout New Zealand the standard workday is eight hours, or sometimes even more. Frequently, we hear of people who find themselves sitting at their desk most of this time, until the rise of the Height Adjustable Desk. Research has shown that our bodies are not designed to sit for prolonged periods of time as it can significantly impact our health, well being and productivity. The introduction of the Height Adjustable Desk has given us the flexibility of sitting or standing throughout the day, helping improve overall health while significantly reducing physical stress on your body.

But is this a fad, or do Height Adjustable Desks actually benefit your health?

We decided to delve into the four key advantages of Height Adjustable Desks and shed some more light on them.

1. Standing helps you focus and improves your mood

Standing keeps the blood flowing freely throughout your body allowing your mind to be more alert and energised. Sitting for prolonged periods has also been linked to a higher risk of both depression and anxiety. So why not try standing for 15 minutes every hour in your day? You may be surprised to notice that you feel more motivated, proactive and overall more positive about your work.

2. Reduces back pain and better posture

Sitting at your desk for hours each day may cause cramps, aches, sore necks and pains throughout your body. By standing you are able to improve your posture, core strength and put less strain on your lower back, lowering your chances of injury.

3. Reduces weight gain and signs of obesity

When we sit, our bodies are far less active than when we are standing, and weight gain tends to be caused by consuming more calories than the body is burning. By standing, you can reduce signs of weight gain while burning about 50-60 extra calories per hour. If you were to stand for three hours each workday, it would equal out to 800-900 calories per week. Whilst standing is one way to remain active throughout the day, there are also many other exercises and movements you can do throughout the day to get your heart rate up! Read our article on 7 exercises to do at your desk.

4. Increases productivity and concentration

By engaging your largest muscle groups whilst standing, you also increase blood flow to the brain. This, in turn, improves the way we feel, the energy we have and finally the way that we work – increasing your productivity and attention.

These are only some of the many benefits you may find when you try out this new way of working. If you want to put your health first and are considering changing to a standing desk, we have a range of options that we would recommend:

Rise Electric Desk Range – Two Stage

Easily switch between seated and standing positions over the course of the working day with the affordable Rise Height Adjustable Desk. The vertical height range of the Rise Desk is 710-1160mm.

Elevate Electric Desk Range – Three Stage

Elevate Electric Height Adjustable Desks provide height adjustment at the flick of a switch. Easily switch between seated and standing positions over the course of the working day. The sit/stand vertical adjustment height range is 650 - 1250mm.

Agile Desking Range

The Agile Desking Range offers manual winder or electric height adjustable desking solutions that are designed to work in the same way you do.