row of colored chairs
Over the last few years, playful and vibrant workplaces have been popping up around the world, as the use of colour in commercial interiors has grown in popularity with designers and architects. The use of colour injected into a workspace adds a sense of style and creativity, whilst also positively impacting the mood and productivity of office staff. While it may seem daunting adding colour into your office, it doesn’t have to be.

Here are some great ideas on how to use colour in a way that will benefit you, your employees and make your office pop.

Brand Colours Are a Great Starting Point When Adding Colour to Your Workplace

The colours of your brand can really help connect staff and employees to the brand. Many companies strive to create workplaces that not only reflect their brand identity but embody the core values of the business. Consider adding colour to the reception space, as this is the first impression clients and customers will get from a business and it can leave a lasting impact.

New or Reupholstered Statement Furniture

Adding colour can be a whole lot more than just painting a wall. Start with the furniture! Small pops of colour can be really effective on soft seating, sofas or ottomans. Upholstering in adventurous fabrics and colours creates a subtle touch of style. Task chairs can also be a really simple way to add colour to the office. Office Furniture Warehouse has a range of office and meeting chairs offered in a range of custom fabrics, such as the Evo Chair, Roma Chair and Fila Chair to name a few.

Plants and Nature Walls

Adding plants and greenery can be a nice and natural way to inject colour into your workplace while also encouraging motivation and positivity in employees.

Additionally, the University of Exeter have proven that employee productivity jumps 15% when work environments are filled with plants – so why wouldn’t you consider adding these to your space?

Plants that are easy to maintain and manage are best suited, or even nature walls. In today’s modern society, greenery and plants are an attractive attribute to potential employees.

Office Partitions and Screens

Screens are another simple yet effective way to add colour to your space. The colour you select can also add a sense of freshness against the surroundings of desks, computers and cables. Screens not only can add some vibrancy to your space but they will also absorb any excess noise in an open plan office if covered in acoustic material. We have a range of desk partitions that can be upholstered and covered in colours of your choice.

At Office Furniture Warehouse, we believe that the trend of adding colour to your workplace is one that is set to stay. We have a range of options to help add colour to your office. Please get in touch if you would like some help to choose items for your next project