buro chairs with shared desks
Are you still working from home months after NZ’s five-week lockdown, at least some of the time? As many companies and individuals discover the benefits of a home office, more and more people are splitting their time between work sites.

If working from home is your new reality, it’s time to say goodbye to the dining chair – comfy, supportive office chairs are essential to your wellbeing. You’re sure to find the perfect new office chair in our Buro Seating range, and here’s why.

Buro office chairs are ergonomically designed

Buro Seating has put a lot of research into designing office chairs that support your health. Ergonomics is the the study of efficiency in one’s working environment, and office furniture designed in this vain supports your posture, reduces stress on your body and limits the all-too-common slouch. But ergonomic office chairs don’t just help prevent chair-related back pain, they’re also more comfortable, which leads to improved productivity.

Plenty of Buro chairs to choose from

We all have different bodies and postures, so choosing a chair is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Buro has broken down their office seating options based on factors like height and weight, work environment and hours. From saddle seats to posturite stools, they have something to suit everyone’s sitting style. And while you likely didn’t get to select your own chair at the office, working from home gives you the chance to consider your unique needs and choose the perfect chair.

Sofas for spacious home offices

Do you have a roomy home office? If so, Buro has the perfect solution to fill in the extra space – sofas! Stick a sofa-style Buro Delta Chair in that empty corner or fill up a lonely wall with their Delta Sofa. Your home-based workspace will look modern, you’ll have extra seating options to keep things dynamic, and you’ll have somewhere for guests to sit, whether it’s a visiting client or interested child.

Fine tune your office chair

Buro office chairs can be adjusted to fit your body. Their website has step-by-step tutorials to discover how you can fine tune your chair’s height and seat depth, lumbar support and tilt. Finding the chair’s best orientation for you will make you more comfortable, healthier and more productive at work.

Buro supports you with stretches

Buro understands that, even with the best office chair, sitting at a desk all day long can lead to niggles in your neck, shoulders and back. With a mission to support office workers, they have a number of useful stretches that will keep chair-dwelling office workers pain-free. Visit their website for advice on stretching.

Make your home office a room you never want to leave. Browse Office Furniture’s range of Buro chairs and get yours delivered across NZ for free.