OFW's Buying Guide for office chairs

Selecting the correct chair for the correct purpose often requires a bit of thought. So here’s a chair-buying guide to make sure your needs are met when selecting the right chairs for your workspace and tasks. 

Office Chairs

The ‘standard’ office chair isn’t so standard anymore. With a wide range of styles on offer, you can be very specific in the requirements you’re looking for in a chair. Let’s start at the top:

Low-back or high-back? 

The ‘back’ of the chair supports your back to make sitting for long periods of time more comfortable. For shorter people a low-back chair may be better suited, while high-back chairs can work better for taller employees. High-back chairs offer more sufficient support to the neck, back and shoulder areas for those who suffer from pain in these areas.


Office chairs come in a variety of different fabrics with the most common being leather, mesh and fabric-covered foam. Leather is a premium material and mesh on the back of chairs enables airflow, helping to stay cool, dry and productive. 


Swivel chairs allow full rotation and wheels for easy mobility whilst sitting. These are an ideal option for hard floors but can be hard to manoeuvre on carpets so you can try one of our Carpet PVC chair mats to protect your carpet and be able to move around more easily.

Meeting Room and Visitor Chairs

Look for versatility in meeting-room and visitor chairs so they can be used for multiple purposes. Our range has a wide selection of colours to match any branding or office decor. These chairs can make a positive impression on visitors and add instant style, texture or colour to an otherwise plain meeting room. 

Conference Chairs

Conference seating is for larger gatherings of people and so is often light and easy to manoeuvre. Our range features stackable chairs for easy storage between conferences and you can even add a useful seat trolley to add an additional dimension of ease.

Soft Seated Chairs

For casual seating that is both inviting and comfortable, soft-seated chairs create a cosy environment that feels homely. These chairs are ideal for breakout spaces to encourage collaboration.

Our range doesn’t end there, take a closer look at our executive and boardroom chairs, cafe seating, office stools, bar stools and gaming chairs. However you like to work or relax, there’s something perfect for you within our range, so shop today with Office Furniture Warehouse.