Furnishing Your Startup Office: What You Need to Know 

Starting a business is an exciting time. But before you get to the fun stuff of marketing and selling, there’s the practical stuff like office furniture so you can have a comfortable space to get started. 

Whether you’re setting up a new office for your startup or just giving your current one a refresh, making sure the furniture is right is essential. After all, it’s not just about making the office look good; it’s also about encouraging productivity and wellbeing for yourself and amongst your team by providing the right tools to work effectively. Here are the essential pieces of office furniture every startup or small business needs.

Ergonomics Are Key 

When choosing office furniture, ergonomics should be at the forefront of your mind. Ergonomic furniture is designed to fit the user perfectly, minimizing any strain on their body and helping them stay comfortable throughout their workday. Investing in good quality ergonomic chairs and desks will ensure that your team can work with ease and comfort. Don't forget to choose a desk that offers enough space for both a monitor and laptop as well as room for books and other materials. 

The most important pieces of office furniture you’ll be using are your desk and chair. Your desk should be comfortable, ergonomic, and large enough to accommodate multiple monitors if needed. The chair should be adjustable so that it can be adapted to your individual needs. A good quality ergonomic chair is worth investing in, as it will help reduce strain on your back while working long hours at a computer. You also need to make sure that you have enough seating options in case clients or other visitors come into your office. 

Make It Collaborative 

Collaboration is an essential part of the modern business world, so make sure there are plenty of spaces for team members to meet up and share ideas, especially as your business grows. Choose comfortable couches or armchairs for informal meetings, and consider adding whiteboards or pinboards so that teams can brainstorm without having to worry about paper notes getting lost or crumpled. 

Storage Solutions 

The next essential item is storage solutions such as filing cabinets and bookshelves. Filing cabinets store important documents securely while bookshelves can store reference materials and other items that need to be easily accessed by all employees in the office. Investing in quality storage solutions means that you don't have to worry about items being misplaced or lost in a cluttered work environment – both of which can cause problems down the line when trying to find something quickly or having documents on hand when needed. 

Break Room Furniture 

Having a designated area where employees can take a break from their work duties helps create an atmosphere of relaxation and camaraderie among coworkers. Be sure to include comfortable seating such as bar leaners, couches, chairs, or bean bags as well as tables for eating meals or playing board games during lunch hour. 

Don't Forget About Lighting 

Lighting isn't something people often think about when furnishing an office, but it's definitely something worth considering. Natural light is best if you have access to it—make sure windows are unobstructed so that everyone gets enough natural light during the day—but if that isn't an option then think carefully about artificial lighting too. Make sure lamps are placed strategically around the room so that nobody has to strain to see their computer screen. Task lights can be great too; they don't take up much space and they provide extra illumination when needed.  

It’s important to start your business off on the right foot by considering the right furniture for your office space. Not only will it create a professional environment for clients and customers, but it will also increase productivity amongst employees. At OFW, we can help you choose the perfect furniture for your office space. We offer a wide range of options to suit any style or budget, so give us a call today to discuss your needs with one of our experts!