office with black interior walls

Black has been a popular colour trend in commercial design throughout 2018 and it certainly isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

This trend can be seen in a variety of products from black detailing on chairs or table legs, storage, monitor arms, desk systems and breakout spaces. The dark tones create depth, add drama and help offset other colours within the space. 
black interior with colour pop furniture    man in black kitchen interior  
Traditionally, white office furniture and walls, along with stainless steel or chrome details have dominated office design, but black is certainly taking over, as companies become more adventurous with their space. Now don’t get me wrong, white is still a great option and can be very beautiful, however, there is something about having a drastic and intense contrast of black in a room. Below we have curated a few tips and tricks of how you could incorporate black into your next project! 

Black Furniture

Consider adding black steel legs to your desks, bar leaners or coffee tables. This can create a sophisticated aesthetic for your office space. Stuck for ideas? Check out our range of Anvil desks and Elevate desks which are all available with a black powder-coated leg.

Incorporate black into your office space by using black storage units. Our Milano Tambour in powder-coated black is minimalist, understated and sleek. For a pop of colour and greenery, accessorise this with the black planter box. Without being too in-your-face these storage units are a tidy way to file and stay organised in the office with their generous storage capacity.

Black Feature Walls

Black can be a great statement wall as a feature in any room if you complement it well with other colours and accessories. And yes...we know you're thinking it might make the room seem smaller…well, there's no need to worry! Here are some tips on how to use a black wall in any room without it feeling somewhat like a cave. 

1. Use white floors/walls to create a contrast.
2. Install large artwork to add pops of detail and colour to the wall. 
3. Be adventurous with the colour of the furniture you are using, this will really make your black wall pop and be dramatic.
4. Use Black Cabinetry.

Black cabinetry can be sleek, minimalist and dramatic if done well in any kitchen or breakout space. However, it is important to consider all aspects of the room to ensure it is done right. Things to consider are the layout, furniture, natural light, texture and shade of black you are using. We think matte black works really well in an open plan kitchen, especially when paired with black furniture and light wooden floors.