woman dreaming of a holiday

1. Remember – the evenings are still your time so get back into holiday mode after work

Make the most of the long, warm summer evenings and pretend you are still on holiday as soon as 5pm hits. Get outside with a walk on the beach followed by a swim, catch up with friends for a meal out or have a BBQ at home out on the deck.

2. Use your lunch breaks to get some fresh air

Being stuck in the office all day after so much time outside can be pretty difficult. Make sure you get outside in your lunch break and don’t eat lunch at your desk. A short walk outside can do wonders for your afternoon productivity and state of mind. Or, organise a lunch or coffee date with friends to nicely break up the work day.

3. Get organised and prepare amazing lunches

How much better is your morning at work when you have a delicious lunch to look forward to? A bit of preparation the night before can go a long way. Check out these light lunch ideas which are healthy, tasty and won’t leave you feeling sluggish.

4. Organise your desk and files to prepare for the year ahead

Getting your desk and files in order and reducing clutter on your desk will clear your head and can help reduce feelings of stress or overwhelm. If you find you are in need of more office storage, consider an office mobile, credenza, cupboard or tambour. Now is a good time to clear your inbox and electronic files as well.

5. Plan to take a trip away the next weekend

Getting away on the first or second weekend back can help ease the transition back and give you something to look forward to. Head to a nearby beach or lake and get back to that blissful and relaxing feeling of being on holiday.