fun business meeting

All businesses have meetings. Whether it is every day, weekly or monthly, it is important to think about how you are going to keep your employees engaged and ace them every time! Start getting creative by incorporating these five points and tick off your to-do lists faster than ever.

1. Be Exclusive

Think about who is really essential at the meeting. Everyone is busy and therefore a business meeting isn’t something employees enjoy, so if you don’t require someone's presence, don’t waste their time. They probably have a long list of other things they need to be doing. Instead, encourage the meeting attendees to share relevant learning and decisions with other colleagues, ensuring everyone still feels engaged and aligned with the company's vision.

2. Stick to an Agenda

Have a plan, as a plan leads to productivity. Without a plan, the meeting is likely to go on longer than it should. Allocate specific time slots for each point on your agenda and encourage someone to opt-in as a timekeeper to ensure you are staying on track. Additionally, it's a great idea to send the meeting agenda out prior to the meeting. This allows staff to prepare and also think about what they can contribute to the meeting.

working group around table

3. Tell Stories

Stories are easier to remember than just plain facts. Get creative with how you present your meetings and get your points across. For instance, if it's figures and numbers you're discussing, create a story or assign an image that sits alongside each point to help your employees retain the information.

4. Change the Scenery

Having your meeting in the same old meeting room can become repetitive and can hinder productivity. Staff can often check-out when there is nothing to stimulate them or when they feel uncomfortable. Why not try new locations around the office? Many new office layouts are incorporating numerous informal meeting and soft seating areas to allow flexibility and diversity in where they meet. Mixing things up like this can have a real impact on productivity and break up the daily routine.

5. Stand

Alter your meetings by having a standing meeting around a bar leaner and stools. This can keep colleagues focused and also discourages meetings from running too long. Similar to changing up your scenery, this is a great alternative to your standard meeting room...and think about the health benefits!

women standing at table working