office workers exercising

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Both are needed in order to run a successful business, career or education. There are ways to look after your body inside and outside of work to help your state of mind, reduce stress, increase productivity and help to improve your focus. Small changes to your everyday routine can have major benefits when it comes to being healthy and improving work performance.


Ergonomic chairs: Most jobs require extended periods of sitting in an office chair, which can be uncomfortable and cause negative effects in future if it isn’t designed to support your posture and reduce pressure on your hips and lower back. With our range of ergonomic chairs, you can find a product that will promote a healthy sitting position and increase circulation whilst reducing any discomfort. In turn, these improvements to your seated position will allow your focus to stay on the work.

Anti-fatigue mat: A standing desk floor mat or wobble board are ergonomically designed to reduce knee, hip, foot and leg strain. In roles where standing is common or standing desks are used, these boards promote simple, low impact movement and engage core muscles. Being comfortable at work is important. It will improve your overall mood and ongoing physical well-being.

man exercising at standing desk

Standing Stool: For something a little more out there, an ergonomic wobble standing stool could be the perfect pairing for those who want to make a more significant change to how they approach work. If you have any doubt, we recommend checking it out. The wobble stool lets you perch at whichever height works for you and you'll find your back moving and flexing from the first hour you're sitting on it, helping you to swivel, tilt and burn calories while you work. 


Exercise: Working out a few times per week for around 30 minutes has been proven to reduce stress, improve memory and give you added energy and improved focus throughout the working day. The less stressed you are the more you can concentrate for extended periods of time.

woman doing yoga at home

Don’t use your phone immediately after waking up: When you first wake up in the morning, your creative brain is most attuned. By checking your phone, you are instead priming your brain for distraction. Seeing unanswered emails or negative headlines can trigger your stress response and your brain skips this useful creative stage. Instead, refrain from using your phone until you’ve started your day properly.

Meditate: To improve your work performance, reducing stress and focussing your energy and effort accordingly is key. Partaking in a meditative activity, whether that be sitting in stillness, pilates or yoga, can significantly benefit you for the rest of the day. A quick 20-minute meditation before work can settle your mind and remove you from the daily stresses to give you enough time to plan your day ahead.

If you want to look after your business, look after your body and put your health first. Give these tips a go and watch your results improve!