refreshing new office space green purple

We’re in the opening chapter of a new year, but some things are ‘back to normal’. Back to the same job, back to the same office and back to the Monday to Friday routine. No matter how well run your company is, there is always a hint of holiday comedown for employees. At Office Furniture Warehouse, our job is to support your desire to create a happy and healthy workplace for yourself and your valued employees. So how can you overcome the drab feeling in the office at the start of the year and send a boost of joy and pride through your workplace? Our suggestion is to refresh your office setup for 2022.

Change can freshen things up and give an office a new lease of life, resulting in increased productivity, employee morale, and collaboration. But how do you achieve a refreshed office atmosphere? We’re here to help you turn the old office into something new. Here are some ways to do it:

Desks and Chairs

Staff spend the majority of their day sitting in an office chair at their desk. With these two pieces of furniture being the most focal setting of your employees time at work it only stands to reason that improving these areas will make a huge impact. With classic executive and boardroom chairs, comfortable and stylish soft seating and visitor waiting chairs to contemporary café seating and bar stools, Office Furniture Warehouse has it all. If you want to try out an office chair before you buy, talk to us about our trial-a-chair option.


There’s nothing that breathes life into an office like the addition of some greenery. Plants can add a sense of calm to the madness of a busy office. With planter screens to divide up your workplace or planter boxes to add some nature within the white walls of your office, these additions can be central to bringing some happiness into the space. Calming and attractive, plants have been proven to reduce stress and improve productivity. A simple and stylish fix.


Adding a table can provide a central point for collaboration and discussion. With everything from coffee tables to folding tables to grand boardroom tables, we have a wide selection to cover all your needs. Our modern tables can facilitate professional discussion in meetings or social conversation in downtime. 

Start refreshing your office now and begin the year with a bang!