Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Ways to Create a Collaborative and Supportive Workplace Dynamic

When designing a modern work environment it is important to ask “Does this space promote the team-working culture we are wanting to create?”. Every modern work environment requires thoughtful consideration around the needs of the workers and how to optimise their efficiency. More than ever, effective communication and collaboration is critical to business operations. When employees work together as a collective, their goals and processes align resulting in higher levels of efficiency and productivity.

Working within an inspiring and close-knit team and in an open environment that encourages communication has a variety of benefits for both employers and employees. As well as increasing productivity, it also stimulates innovation due to the combination of different perspectives and knowledge. Through the sharing of ideas, team members can educate and learn from one another. When employees feel seen and heard at work, their motivation and engagement tends to be boosted. As teamwork becomes more commonplace at work, it will encourage unity and cohesion within the organisation, creating a positive culture in time.

Improved efficiency, innovation, engagement and workplace culture are all positive effects of a unified team – a win-win for the employer, employee and the organisation as a whole. Take a look at some of our suggestions for how you can create a more collaborative and supportive workplace dynamic with Office Furniture Warehouse!

Shared Desks
When designing an office space that fosters teamwork and cooperation, it is important to consider the layout of the office and how staff will work in relation to one another. Allocating areas specifically designed for discussions will encourage communication between people and make it easier for them to work together towards a common goal. Implementing a shared desk provides the opportunity for open conversation and generation of ideas among team members. Particularly in creative workplaces, shared desks can also be a great way for teams to work simultaneously on creative projects and present prototypes in a group setting. At Office Furniture Warehouse, we have a wide range of shared desk options in a style and configuration to suit the needs of every office, view our selection here.

Modular Seating
It is important to strike the correct balance between collaboration and productivity to ensure that staff can remain focused on the task at hand. As well as shared spaces, it may be beneficial to include other areas within the workplace where team members can work individually and distraction-free. With Office Furniture Warehouse's fantastic range of modular seating options, the office layout can remain flexible and teams are able to configure their workplaces in a way that best suits their needs. Our Motion collection provides various soft seating solutions that can be joined or separated to easily create different work setups. These products can be positioned to direct flow or add interest to an open plan area. Office Furniture Warehouse also provides a selection of ottomans perfect for classrooms or common areas, that can be arranged in clusters or split-out separately for quiet thinking and focus areas, view these here. The flexibility to work independently or as part of a team will encourage greater harmony, efficiency and productivity within the workplace.

Presentation Boards
Providing workspaces with the necessary tools for collaboration is a good way to foster positive communication and teamwork. Presentation boards can be a powerful tool for facilitation discussion and teamwork in a group setting. Presentation boards provide a simple yet effective way to bring people together to brainstorm ideas, share opinions and communicate information in a visual way. Whether you prefer to present your ideas on a whiteboard, chalkboard or pinboard, Office Furniture Warehouse has a wide range of options to suit every team.

In today’s work environment it is important to allow for connectivity and collaboration regardless of location. As more people start to work remotely, the need to remain connected is more important than ever therefore it is important to implement technologies in the office that will ensure connectivity at all times. At Office Furniture Warehouse we offer a range of accessories that support technology within the workplace. Office Furniture Warehouse can help set up a modern workspace and ensure that your team can stay connected, view our accessories.

Building a strong workplace culture based on openness and collaboration can maximize the morale and efficiency of your staff. If you are interested in designing a more team-centred work environment for your business, speak to someone from our team today. We’re here to help set you up for a more productive year!