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More Kiwis than ever before are working from home, and demand for our home office furniture is growing as a result. We’ve made it easy to buy office furniture for your home office with our home office packages, just choose one and you’ll be set. But if you’re looking to buy individual items, here’s a handy buying guide for home office furniture. There are four key things to look out for:

Space. It’s amazing how many people fail to measure up their home office before they buy furniture! Make it the first thing you do. If you are converting a spare bedroom into a home office, you’ll probably have more room to work with. But if you’re setting up an office in a living area, you’ll need to work out how much space you’ll have for a desk and chair and perhaps storage units. Keep in mind that many of our desks offer plenty of drawer space and that could eliminate the need for extra storage units like filing cabinets and shelves. If you’re working in a very confined area, we offer a range of solutions including smaller straight desks or even corner desks to maximise the available space in your room. Remember too, others may be sharing that space with you. Is your furniture style versatile enough? Will it allow for easy flow around your desk and chair? Factor these into those initial measurements.

Working hours. If you’ll be doing all or most of your work from home, a dedicated area with a desk and chair and plenty of storage space is ideal. If you tend to do long hours, consider a sit-stand height adjustable desk so you can enjoy the health benefits of standing while you work from time to time. Whilst standing, you can make use of our wobble boards, which help reduce knee, hip and leg strain. And in all cases, monitor arms are a good investment so you’re not looking down at a small laptop screen all day. Your prime consideration should be ergonomics - in other words, home office furniture that’s comfortable, good for your posture and helps you avoid back and neck pain and headaches. You also want to choose a chair that is designed for longer sitting periods if you do long days, as these will help support your body better than other chairs that are designed for shorter bursts of work.

woman working at desk
You may be working from your home, but it will always be your home first and foremost. Choose office furniture that fits in with the decor and style of your home. From modern to traditional and everything in between, a home office setup that looks smart is not just aesthetically pleasing - it also gives you a workspace that you feel good about and ultimately boosts your productivity.
Budget. Whether your employer is paying for your home office furniture or you are, you’ll have a budget to stick to. We suggest you spend the most on the right desk and chair as these are the most important elements, followed by storage and accessories. A home office package might be worth looking at, but if price is a factor, check our site for special deals if you wish to choose individual products that happen to be on sale.

With so many products to choose from, you may be a little daunted at the prospect of buying office furniture for your home. Don’t be! Contact us and we’ll be happy to help you choose the right items for your space!