Teachers and Principals: Time to Modernise the Classroom?
It may only be January, but as any veteran teacher knows, the kids will be back in their seats before we know it and the summer school holiday will quickly become a distant memory.

So, while we enjoy the rest of the summer heat, it’s time for teachers and principals to bring their minds back to the classroom. If you feel the classroom needs some modernising, here are some ways to get started.

Group Tables

Individual desks are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In their place, a variety of group tables and seating options have emerged and these are becoming the norm in many schools across New Zealand.

Group tables come in various shapes, sizes and colours, bringing creativity and fun into the classroom, while giving students the opportunity to collaborate and develop their group and interpersonal skills. Introducing new group classroom tables is one of the best ways to start the classroom modernisation process.

New Seating

If the chairs in classrooms, libraries and even cafeterias are looking a little worn and sad, there are plenty of new, ingenious seating options to bring new life into these spaces. There are floor discs – a fun and contemporary versions of the beanbag chair – or colourful nesting stools, which are great for encouraging group work. There are also comfy ready-link chairs, great for assemblies, and funky classroom stools.

Teaching Aides

Introducing a new teaching aide workstation into the classroom is a great way to reach visual learners. Contemporary teaching aides make use of both whiteboards and pinboards to help relay your lessons to students with ease.

Art Rooms and Libraries

Aside from the standard classrooms, other rooms in your school, like the art room or library, might also be in need of an upgrade. Consider modern additions like a new art supply station and attractive book display units to bring these rooms into the new age of education.