boardroom with long table and plant wall
As we enter 2018, we expect to see some changes to the modern office. Increased greenery, a homely feel and a boost of colour are among this year’s new office trends.


You may have noticed potted plants, creepers and even plant walls start to pop up in cafés, retail shops and houses over the past couple of years. This year, we expect to see this trend extended to the modern office, with workplaces embracing nature and incorporating greenery where possible.

This goes beyond simply adding a potted plant to the break room table. Designers and architects will be weaving plants into the very essence of your workspace through the use of living plants and nature-inspired lighting options.

The infusion of greenery into the office allows for a connection to nature, which is often challenging to find when you are stuck indoors for most of the week. There are also plants that counteract the effects of all the technology we are exposed to, so this trend may very well have a positive effect on your health.

Bringing Home to Work

The last couple years were all about bringing work home, so you might be surprised that this trend is being flipped on its head. While there will still be remote and agile workers, a lot of offices have discovered that working from home isn’t always possible; on the contrary, bringing some elements of the comfort of home into the workspace can be very beneficial.

Expect to see offices that feel more homely, complete with comfortable office chairs, pool or ping pong tables, fridges for after work beers and even showers or rest areas. Making employees comfortable and relaxed increases productivity and boosts morale, so we’re happy to see this trend taking off in 2018.

Colour and Texture

Minimalist offices are tidy and efficient, but they are often predominantly white and can be lacking in excitement. Expect to see minimalism blended with bold colours and interesting textures. Wood and cement are becoming increasingly popular, while unexpected and brightly coloured office chairs, artwork and office doors will add some distinctiveness to the office. Retro orange, muted purple and turquoise are some of the most popular colours to grace offices this year – though not all at once!