kids sitting on chairs reading

Children absorb their environments which is one reason furniture for our youngsters is so important. We like to think there are three important things to consider when it comes to choosing the right items for their surroundings.

A simple one, furniture needs to be comfortable for it to be functional. If children aren’t comfortable at school, at social clubs or at holiday camps, they aren’t going to be very happy and this will affect a number of things; their productivity, attention span, work ethic and overall mood.

Children respond to bright block colours rather than pastels or muted blends. Primary colours red, yellow and blue, and secondary colours green, orange and purple, are more appealing than beige or neutral shades of grey and brown. 

Furniture which promotes teamwork and collaboration is a great step in improving children’s social skills. Matching furniture can also prevent unnecessary arguments about who gets which chair or desk and so on.

To help you on the road to refreshing and revitalising your classroom, crèche or space for children, here are the best items for you to choose from.

Mobel Halo Cushion
Colourful doughnut-shaped cushions that are light and easy to move. Perfect for children to carry them between activities and rooms and turn any floor into a comfortable seat. Pair these with the Mobel stand to store up to 10 cushions neatly.

Cadet Chair
Stackable chairs are a perfect storage solution for offices and educational facilities. These charcoal coloured durable chairs can be used indoors and out for a comfortable seated position.

Mobel Fusion Ottoman
Four of these slot together perfectly to create a flower-like relaxing area for a small group of children and adults. Designed with fun and comfort in mind, these can add a splash of colour to libraries, common areas, study areas, staff rooms and cafeterias. The fusion ottoman encourages collaboration.

Motion Otto Soft Stool
Upholstered in a mass of stunning colours, use this stool to add a seat to any area with ease. A 15-year warranty will ensure it is suitable throughout an entire childhood generation and makes collaboration simple.

Mobel Gravitate Flip Table
These easy to use flip tables are amazing space savers for dynamic environments. Simply roll and flip it when needed. Heavy duty but safe.

Take a look at our contemporary educational furniture range for all your needs today. Offering comfort, colour and collaborative possibilities, we are always well equipped to provide you with the best office furniture. Get in touch with us today for further advice.