Woman stretching at work desk

Whilst there aren’t many solutions available for those wanting to make their crooked old office chair more comfortable, we’ve done our best to come up with a few pearls of wisdom to improve your comfort at work.

Set your chair up correctly: There are some rights and wrongs when it comes to your seated position. As plenty of office chairs are adjustable, there may be ways to improve your comfort at work by simply changing your seated position. Your feet should be flat on the floor with your knees at a 90 degree angle. Your hips should be pushed back into the chair, sitting upright without slouching. Also keep your arms at a 90 degree angle, resting flat on your desk for typing.

Add a cushion: Adding cushions underneath your bottom or behind your back may provide a short-term solution in gifting you some comfort, however, this can have a negative effect on your posture in the long term. There are better solutions.

Postural support: There are some products that promote healthier posture when in a seated position. Lumbar rolls are designed to relieve back pain by sitting in the lower curve of your back, which improves your seated posture. You can also get memory foam seat cushions that distribute your weight evenly, although these are better for use on hard chairs. 

These ideas may help to improve the comfort of your old office chair but the only way to truly guarantee a comfortable seat and improve posture is to opt for a brand new chair from Office Furniture Warehouse that is suited to your body and way of working. We stock over 20 different styles of office chairs perfect for your home or office. Choose a chair with the features you desire, including:

  • Arm rests
  • Adjustable reclining back
  • Height-adjustable chairs
  • Cushioned, mesh or leather covered chairs
  • Swivel or static chairs

We also stock ergonomic chairs and furniture, for the ultimate support if you suffer from back pain or discomfort whilst at work. Our chairs come with extended warranties, sitting period guides and a best price guarantee meaning we’ll beat the price if you find it cheaper elsewhere.

Contact us today for more support in picking the right chair for you from New Zealand’s largest collection and upgrade your old office chair.