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Few things grind our gears as much as a wobbly office chair. You’re trying to concentrate on writing a report or organising a spreadsheet and you’re rocking from one side to the other wondering if your chair is about to collapse. Old chairs are prone to wear and tear and it’s quite common that your office chair will become wobbly at one point. To save you from this annoying occurrence, we’ve put together the solutions to fix your office chair.

Types of Chair

Swivel chairs have several wheels and if one comes loose it can cause an uneven base for your chair. Over time, screws naturally loosen with the vibrations caused when the chair moves. The first thing to do if you have a wobbly chair is to turn it upside down and check to see if the wheels have become loose. Check the screws to make sure they are tight. Alternatively, there may be screws or nuts missing. If there are, identify the type of screw or nut the chair uses and reattach an identical one.  

If it is a four-legged chair, it is possible a joint may have come loose or one of your chair legs is ever-so-slightly shorter than the others. Again, turn your chair upside down and check to see if any of the screws can be tightened. If you identify it is indeed a leg that is shorter, the quickest fix is a furniture tack which will add a little more length to the shorter leg.

Replace Your Chair

When your chair starts showing signs of wear and tear, you may be able to fix them with the above advice. With age however, things will continue to deteriorate, meaning it may be time for a new chair from Office Furniture Warehouse.

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Why Choose Us?

So, why buy from Office Furniture Warehouse? As experts with years of experience, we can help you find the right chair, just reach out to us for support if you need it. We also only stock quality brands and are able to sell them at affordable prices. Furthermore, the majority of our chairs have extensive warranties of up to 15 years. We clearly set out information such as warranty, suggested sitting period, weight rating and dimensions on all of our product pages.

Shop with us today and replace your rickety old chair with a brand new one from your favourite go-to online office furniture store. Your posture and wellbeing will improve from having the extra support, which will help you work a lot more efficiently!