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10% off Storewide | Free Delivery on orders over $499*
10% off Storewide | Free Delivery on orders over $499*

Magnetic Combo Board

Free Delivery on orders over $499*

$294.00 + GST
$338.10 incl. GST

The best of both - one of the easiest ways to display and communicate information is a board that is one part PinBoard and the other part Porcelain Whiteboard. 

A perfect solution for education or staff rooms. 

Choose any colour fabric for the Pinboard to suit your space and rest easy knowing the nonporous surface erases cleanly every time and won't stain, scratch or 'ghost'.

Available left or right
Proportion of WhiteBoard: PinBoard can be customised
Forever Surface Guarantee on WhiteBoard
Can be custom manufactured to almost any size

Please note: as this is a customised item, please expect delivery to take 12-14 working days longer than our standard delivery.