business woman presenting to a group

Whiteboard, pinboard, corkboard, blackboards. There are so many board options that choosing the right one can be tricky. Here we’re giving you the low-down on each board type so you can figure out what best suits you and your workspace.


Blackboards may have a long past, but that doesn’t mean they are passé. Office blackboards are great for visual and tactile learners, are easy to use, encourage creativity and will always be there for you – even in a power outage! They’re affordable and fun, and can benefit a wide range of office types, from creatives to mathematicians.


Whiteboards, the more modern version of the blackboard, are incredibly useful in today’s offices. They work wonders for design-thinking innovators, group brainstorming sessions, presentations, and in-office communications. There are a range of whiteboard options, including mobile whiteboards, flipcharts, and double-sided boards.

Laser Etched Whiteboard

Whiteboards with etched designs are a great planning tool for busy offices or individuals. With options like year planners, management boards and gridded boards, as well as custom designs, these more specific office whiteboards are extremely useful for scheduling and planning in modern offices.

Pin Boards and Cork Boards

Pinterest didn’t get its name out of thin air – the original pinboard works wonders for organising an office, allowing you to easily leave brief messages and memos for co-workers as well as reminders and to-do lists for yourself. Whether you choose a pinboard or a cork board is a matter of personal preference and style.