The Great Debate: Straight vs Corner Desks

The great straight vs corner desk debate has finally come to our doorsteps - what's best for your office? Understandably, you want your workstation to be at its maximum functionality, yet still uphold a sense of style and comfort. So, we're here to shed some light on the pros and cons of each type of desk, and hopefully, help you decide which way you should lean. Spoiler alert: the final decision is still yours, but we assure you it will be an informed one!

Space, Space, and More Space

Size does matter - when it comes to desk space, that is! Straight desks typically come in larger dimensions, which provide loads of working area for you to sprawl out, spread documents, or clutter. While working at a corner desk, you might sometimes feel as if you're sitting in your own personal control centre or cockpit, dictating your own space station in your office. These "L" shaped beauties are designed to fit snugly into the corners of a room, which can be a blessing when real estate is tight.

Accessibility and Organisation

If you're a multi-tasker with so many gadgets on your desk that you sometimes forget their functions, a corner desk might be your best bet. It allows for a greater range of movement since you can simply pivot from one station to another. Meanwhile, straight desks do not disappoint either. The minimalist's dream, with ample surface area, straight desks can double as a workspace and a playing field. Of course, this depends on your definition of 'playing,' but you get the idea.


Straight desks have a very classic appeal, while corner desks can be the statement piece in your office. Ultimately, your choice will come down to the surroundings and the style of your workspace. If space is limited, corner desks effortlessly fit into any nook, without cramping the room. Straight desks, on the other hand, are perfect if your room has ample space and can still provide room for other office furniture pieces.

Assembly Woes

Ah, everyone's favourite. While many of you might turn to desks that require minimal assembly, some of you might be up for the challenge. The process of setting up a corner desk might be a bit more complicated compared to a straight one. Just remember, Rome wasn't built in a day - your corner desk might take two! If that doesn't sound appealing, opt for a straight desk that might have fewer components and require less assembly time (or an engineering degree).

Your Working Style

Now, the real question is, what kind of worker are you? A corner desk is perfectly suited for people who require multiple workstations for tasks. Maybe you have one for your computer, another station for drawing, and a third area for paperwork. On the other hand, if you're one who prefers having everything within arm's reach, without the need to swivel around, a straight desk might be more up your alley.

In the end, the great debate between straight and corner desks leads us to personal preferences and requirements. And luckily for you, Office Furniture Warehouse offers both!  If space-saving design and multiple workstations are at the top of your priority list, a corner desk from our range could be your winner. Conversely, if traditional aesthetics and simplicity are your jam, a straight desk would be the ultimate choice for you - see what’s on offer here. Regardless of which you choose, having a desk that caters to your working style has an undeniably positive impact on productivity and comfort. Now, let the desk-hunting begin!