office with storage units
For an office to function like a well-oiled machine, it needs to be tidy and organised with an efficient storage system. Office Furniture Warehouse has a wide range of affordable office storage systems to fit any office type, style, size and budget. With service in the main centres – Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton and Christchurch – as well as free shipping NZ wide, there’s no excuse for a Kiwi office to be lacking in storage.

Office Mobiles

Mobile office storage systems are perfect for modern work environments making use of hot desks, collaboration and co-working spaces. If change and mobility among staff members is common, it’s handy to have office storage units that are easy to move. There are plenty of sizes, shapes and colours to suit any office’s style and there are lockable options when privacy and confidentiality are a concern.

Examples of appropriate office types: IT offices, co-working spaces.


Credenzas are wonderful, discreet storage systems that maximise space and efficiency and come in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Their multi-drawer, waist-high design provides workers with plenty of storage space as well as a flat surface appropriate for computer monitors, paperwork and display. While today’s credenzas are modern in appearance, a credenza can be a hat-tip to older more traditional office styles of the past. Consider getting a credenza for versatility, tidy storage and efficiency.

Examples: lawyer's office, engineering firm.


Tambour cabinets offer clean lines and practical storage. They are made of solid steel and have lockable doors, useful for private documentation. If your office holds onto sensitive material, has a sleek look and limited space, a tambour is a good choice. For a modern space, a tambour with a built-in top planter combines convenient office storage systems with refreshing greenery.

Examples: architecture firm, marketing company.

Office Filing Cabinets

A good filing cabinet brings organisation to the home or business office. If your office has plenty of hard-copy print material like documents, notes, invoices and flyers, get an affordable, good quality filing cabinet. Filing cabinets allows workers to file away important documents efficiently and tidily, so you can say goodbye to messy desks and chaotic paperwork.

Examples: doctor’s surgery, home office.

Bookcases and Cupboards

Bookcases and cupboards suit pretty much any office, offering a tidy solution to storing books and paperwork. Bookcases are great for displaying items without creating clutter, while cupboards create orderly spaces with plenty of storage hidden away behind closed doors. Office Furniture Warehouse has office cupboards in a variety of heights, sizes and finishes.

Examples: most offices.

Office Lockers

Office lockers are starting to become appreciated for their practicality and security, but they are still an under-rated star when it comes to office storage. Our lockers are durable and high-quality, come in 1 to 4 tiers and are made of commercial-grade steel. Their use extends beyond the traditional office and have found homes in many business types, from hospitality establishments to gyms.

Examples: offices with many employees or public access.