large office with partitions
Office Partitions are easy, quick and affordable ways to create privacy while still letting you enjoy the benefits and style of an open plan space. Office Furniture Warehouse has a variety of products to help create partitions within the office, from floor standing screens to partition clamps.

Here are our tips when it comes to setting up an office partition:

Talk to Your Staff

Your staff can be an invaluable resource when it comes to transforming your office space. If you require office partitioning, it’s a good idea to survey your employees and understand what type of workspace they feel creates the most productive and positive environment. By including them on the design of office partitions, you give them ownership, boost morale and take on-board useful ideas and new perspectives.

Consider Your Workspace Needs

Do you need complete privacy with floor to ceiling partitions, or will desktop partitions do? Do you want the partition to be a permanent fixture in the office or is a removable partition preferred? By considering your workspace, the office culture and the needs of the partition, you can figure out which one of the many available partition styles will work the best.

Home Offices

More and more Kiwis are working remotely and are in need of a great home office. An office partition can be helpful to transform part of a room into your office, efficiently separating your workspace from your living space. Whether you work in a main centre like Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton or Christchurch, or in small rural towns, order a partition from Office Furniture Warehouse with free NZ wide shipping to create an effective workspace at home.

Keep Aesthetics in Mind

Partitions can be done very well, maintaining the overall feel and style of the office. On the other hand, if done poorly, they can be intimidating and isolating, so it is important to keep consistent with your office aesthetics. This can mean choosing the right colour and material, the best location for the partition, and an appropriate partition height.

Look at Different Partition Types

Office Furniture Warehouse has several different types of office partitions on offer, from tidy Boyd partitions which are lightweight and affordable ways to create individual workspaces, to contoured desk screens for privacy and floor-standing screens at various heights. Read through our description of each one or get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs. If you’re at a loss, we also offer customised solutions to fit your office to a tee.