Office Design From Around the Globe

Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are the undisputed leader in minimalist design. Their crisp lines, neutral colours, and practicality all epitomise their world-renowned design style, which has been around since the early 1900s. While Scandinavian design is popular in New Zealand when it comes to home décor, it hasn’t been picked up quite as quickly in the corporate world.

The American Tech Scene

You can’t put a spotlight on interesting offices without mentioning the Tech Scene of America’s Silicon Valley. Known for powerhouse companies like Google and Facebook, San Francisco has long been the leader in ‘campus culture’ companies where going to work looks more like a fun day in university than a day at the office. Not often shown in these predominantly tech-based companies with squash courts and Olympic pools is the high expectation that workers will spend the large majority of their days on campus.
Innovative African Design

Increased white-collar jobs flooding into many African capital cities and the need to support young entrepreneurs full of ideas but lacking capital has led to the creation of some pretty impressive and innovative offices in Africa. Abuja and Lagos in Nigeria, Accra in Ghana and Nairobi in Kenya are just a few of the many cities with innovative offices putting San Francisco’s tech hub to shame. Among these offices are multilateral development banks, co-work spaces and innovation incubators.
Sustainability in Berlin

Germany’s capital city Berlin is known for being a trendy, bustling metropolis with a population of around 3.5 million people. Not as well-known is the city’s commitment to nature and preserving the environment. Nearly half of the city is made up of water or greenery, and areas that were dilapidated after the fall of the Berlin Wall have been transformed into green spaces.
This sustainability seeps into workspaces as well. There are few high-rise office buildings in Berlin, especially in the city centre. Instead, offices are usually in low or medium-rise buildings that better co-exist with Mother Nature and the few skyscrapers that do exist have to include rooftop greenspaces. As a result, German office workers benefit from proximity to nature and increased access to sunshine and outdoor views.