collaborative work pods

Activity Based Working (ABW) is an international trend which gives employees a choice about how, when and where they work.

It's all about moving away from traditional office spaces, which can take up a lot of space; reducing real estate costs, encouraging sales staff to be out of the office, hot desking, and building spaces around collaboration.

New technology is a major driver of this trend and while cost is a big factor, international research has also showed ABW improves communication and concentration in offices and ultimately leads to better staff retention, productivity and innovation.

While the intent of ABW is clear, ensuring good design is another matter. How do you go about creating an ABW environment? What factors should you consider?

The team at Office Furniture Warehouse knows that encouraging interactions and creative thinking is the key to survival,  and the physical environment can have a catalysing effect on creativity for all businesses. Office Furniture Warehouse believes ABW is a science – and with years of proven results to call upon, can help take the guesswork out of the equation.

Our new Activity Based Working range from MotionOffice™ also has panels with an NRC rating of 0.76 which means that 76% of the sound waves entering into the material will be captured and converted.

MotionOffice dramatically contributes to the reduction of noise bleed in open-plan (ABW) environments!

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