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10% off Storewide | Free Delivery on orders over $499*
10% off Storewide | Free Delivery on orders over $499*

freight acceptance

Deliveries of furniture from Office Furniture Warehouse are undertaken by a number of transportation companies. Furniture is dispatched from Office Furniture Warehouse in good order and condition – acknowledged by the freight company by way of signing the consignment note when the furniture is dispatched.

When the product is delivered to you, you will be asked to sign a consignment note, accepting delivery and responsibility for the product. Once you have done so the product, in whatever condition it is in, is solely your responsibility (excluding any manufacturing fault, which is covered by warranty).

Please be aware that these are the terms and conditions of the freight companies which are stated on the back of the consignment note, you are accepting them when you sign for the goods. Once you have signed there will be no claim for damage accepted beyond that point.

1. Drivers will stay at the delivery address for 15 minutes after unloading to give the recipient time to check the goods. The delivery driver must wait for a signature on the consignment note before leaving the product on your premises and in your control.

2.  Carefully open the packaging and check the goods for any visible damage before signing for them. Do not sign for the goods as in good order and condition unless you are satisfied there is no damage.

3.  If you notice any damage to the furniture please reject the goods.

4.  If you notice packaging damage but are unable to take the time to open and check, please sign the consignment note with “packaging damage” clearly marked. You will then have 24 hours to contact us to register a claim if you find items are damaged.

5.  Under no circumstances should you mark the consignment note with STI or Subject To Inspection. This is not accepted by the transport company as a basis to claim for damage.

6.  Please be clear that once you sign to accept delivery of the product, you are accepting full ownership for that product in its current condition. If the recipient doesn’t follow this procedure, there is no claim option available and the cost must be accepted by the customer.

While we understand this will take a little more effort at the time of delivery, we are confident that it will improve the whole delivery process and help to reduce the number of complications should there be any damage to your orders.

If you have any questions, please call us on 0508 639 639 or email